Specific Accounting Solutions For Doctors

Taking a specialised and comprehensive approach to accounting for doctors.
Accountants for Doctors Melbourne

Accountants For Doctors

Specialist accounting can be hard to find, especially for those in the medical industry. Doctors are subject to an increased level of scrutiny from the ATO, which can add an extra layer of stress that you really don’t need. Additionally, your needs are unique in that your business cycle differs from other professions. At Curve Accountants, we understand the work you do and the way doctors’ finances are examined. With our experience working with doctors, we have all the tools and knowledge necessary to expertly manage your finances.

Work With A Team Of Industry Specialists

As a doctor or GP, when it comes to tax you’re looking to do more than just meet your basic tax obligations. But with tax regulations, new developments, and ATO rulings changing things frequently, it can be difficult to keep up with what you can and need to do.

Having an expert on your side such as our team at Curve Accountants can help significantly. Through our specialised approach working only with those in the medical industry, we have the specific knowledge and skills to deal with the unique taxation issues that doctors face. Whether you need bookkeeping services, assistance with wealth management, or your capital gains tax calculated, our accounting services will help you build a more profitable and efficient business.


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Would a high-level review of your accounting be helpful for you?

We offer a 1-hour lunchtime session, where we send experienced accountants to you to meet with ownership and management. During this session you’ll get:

  • A high-level and personalised review of your business to identify any potential issues. 
  • An analysis of your payments. 
  • A review of your bookkeeping and tax structure to show you how you compare to industry standards. 
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Accounting Advice Specifically Tailored For Doctors

Without specialised accounting support tailored to doctors, you could be missing out on potential profits. Non-specialist accountants may not recognise the best advice for you specifically, and may even miss industry-specific guidelines and ultimately provide you with unsuitable advice. This can be costly financially and also take a toll on you mentally and emotionally. With accounting advice tailored to doctors, you can rest assured your specific industry requirements will be met.

Our Accounting Services For Doctors

We offer specialised accounting services tailored to doctors and can customise our approach and services to suit your needs. Whether you’re new to the medical industry or have been practising for decades, we tailor our wide variety of accounting services just for you.

Tax Advice

Specialised tax advice is crucial for doctors. If this is out of your realm of expertise, we’re here to fill in and help.

Practice Acquisition

Practice acquisition can be challenging to navigate on your own— let our team guide you through the process.

Service Entity

Service entity arrangements from our accounting specialists will help you to meet compliance standards.


Not sure how much your practice is worth? We can determine its value with our business valuation knowledge and specific knowledge of the medical industry.

Income Tax

Meeting all of your income tax requirements and maximising your tax deductions at the same time is exactly what we specialise in.

Capital Gains
Tax Calculations

Capital Gains Tax can be complicated, especially if you’re not familiar with its intricacies. We understand all of the laws specific to the medical industry to take the stress off your hands.

Performance Advisory

Business advice should come from those with industry expertise, who can offer you expert guidance you need and deserve.

Cash Flow
Projections and Forecasting

Forecasting and planning for your future may seem daunting, but our team makes it easy and sets you up for success.

Maximise Your Tax Deductions Legally And Easily

Tax can be a complicated subject for many people to tackle, especially for those in the medical industry such as doctors. Specialised regulations and obligations can be difficult to just keep track of, let alone adhere to and maximise your deductions as well. With up-to-date knowledge of your tax obligations and beyond, our team understands the unique challenges you face and knows how to handle them to help you maximise your deductions wherever possible.
Accountants for Doctors Geelong

The Curve Accountants Difference

At Curve Accountants we’re not just regular accountants, we’re medical accountants who understand the intricacies of your unique obligations and requirements. We go above and beyond to future-proof your position and ensure costly mistakes are avoided. Doctors Australia-wide choose Curve Accountants for many reasons, including:

We find practical solutions for your unique financial situation.
With flat-fee pricing, you can manage accounting expenses easily.
As specialist medical accountants, we have extensive knowledge of accounting needs for the medical industry.

Our full range of financial services, including accounting, wealth planning, and bookkeeping mean everything you need is all in one place.

As we think long-term, we plan strategies designed to future-proof your business. 
We focus on future planning and future proofing so you’ll know your business is protected.

Let Us Handle All Your Specific Accounting Needs

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Accounting Services

Our broad range of accounting services means you can rest assured you’re meeting all of your compliance obligations, all while saving you time and money.
wealth planning Melbourne

Wealth Planning

If you need support or guidance with wealth management or future planning, our advisors here at Curve Accountants have the skills and knowledge to help.
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As a Xero Platinum Partner we can deliver Xero training, implementation, and conversion, as well as optimise your everyday accounting requirements.

Book Your High-Level Practice Review

We are excited to offer a complimentary, one-hour, lunchtime meeting at your practice with your ownership and management group. During this session, we’ll perform a high-level review to help identify issues that may exist within the business. We’ll cover:

  • The engagement of doctors by the practice.
  • How doctor payments are calculated and whether this process can be streamlined further.
  • Bookkeeping practices and how the treatment of certain transactions could trigger a payroll audit.
  • The tax structure of the practice and how it compares to what others in your industry are doing.
If getting the best value is important to you, our team at Curve Accountants is here to deliver it. With our complimentary one-hour lunchtime meeting at your practice, we provide a high-level review of your business to help identify any potential issues and cover topics including:

  • Streamlining payments.
  • Bookkeeping practices, analysis, and why and how certain transactions may trigger payroll audits.
  • How your tax structure compares to other doctors.
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