Industry Specialists

Our team are the backbone of why our business has evolved to become leading industry experts within the medical, dental and small business sectors. We know that when your accountant or financial adviser just ‘gets you’ and ‘gets the industry’, the relationship thrives.

Our shared learning model through years of specialising in these industries results in the greatest level of expertise we love you to benefit from.

small business
allied health

Ask a small business owner what their greatest challenge is and they will most likely tell you it is understanding and staying on top of their finances. The myriad of policies and conditions that must be met can feel overwhelming. From wages and superannuation, to insurance…

We are proud of the expertise and knowledge we have built up over the 20 years of supporting medical, dental and health practitioners through the journey of owning their own practice and the tailored advice we provide. Working with GP’s, doctors, dentists, veterinarians and allied health…

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