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21 Apr

Purchasing A Home? 5 Things You Need To Consider Before Signing On The Dotted Line

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When making a significant financial decision such as the purchase of your forever home, you need to make sure it’s exactly what you’re after. There are only certain times that a home can be ‘returned’, and change of mind isn’t exactly covered. . When you decide to buy a house, think about what exactly will affect your current and future financial state and lifestyle. What are you looking at when considering a property as a home? Can you visualise a future in it?

Consider the following when determining if a house is right for you.


Location trumps most other considerations when buying a house, as it remains an asset no matter how the market fluctuates (perfect for when or if you do decide to sell later on). Properties in a good location will remain a profitable investment, and it’s a bonus if it’s central to your needs as well (distance to work, schools, shops).


How accessible is the basic infrastructure in the area you’re looking to purchase a home in? Is it a location that is well-connected by road or train networks? Are there public transport options available, or amenities (such as street lights, mobile reception and internet access)? Before purchasing a house, understanding what is available in the area can help determine if it’s a purchase that you want to make.

House inspection

Real estate agents are out to show you a property that looks its best when viewed but make sure you’re aware of all of the hidden issues (such as maintenance, repairs and renovations) before signing off on the purchase. Calculate and consider how much you’re willing to pay and put time into fixing those issues before deciding to buy the house as it can increase the overall purchase price.

Open Space

Having a green, open space (such as a backyard) can be a tipping point for many homeowners. Consider whether or not that’s what you’re actually looking for, or if the neighbourhood has open spaces that you could use for you or your family. The environment around the house can affect how desirable it is to you or to future potential buyers. Plus, if the house you’re looking at is on a hill or the highest point, that’s good for drainage.


Inspecting the neighbourhood before you purchase will give you an idea as to the potential makeup and inclination of its residents. Is it family-friendly, or are the residents more inclined to have loud parties at 2 am? Check out the neighbourhood at different times of the day and night, and chat with your potential neighbours to find out more information about the facilities and what might occur in the neighbourhood. A house with friendly neighbours and a good residential feeling is better than being in a neighbourhood that’s exposed to bad influences and illegal dealings.

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