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3 Mar

5 Benefits of Using a Medical Bookkeeping Service

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Practitioners in the medical field can benefit greatly from using specialist accounting and bookkeeping services to keep their business running smoothly. With a trusted expert on board to handle day-to-day bookkeeping and to look out for the long-term success of the practice, understanding the state of your business becomes a significantly easier task. Whether you run your own business or you’re employed through another practice, there are always many, many tricky intricacies to financial operations in the medical field. Here are just a few benefits you might find from working with a medical bookkeeping service.

This blog is a beginner’s guide to medical bookkeeping, outlining why doctors and practitioners could consider hiring a third party to handle financial operations. If you’re looking to enquire about bringing on a bookkeeper for your practice, contact Curve Accountants today.

1. Tax Planning and Compliance

Running a medical practice comes with many, many finer details. In terms of taxes, the industry can be incredibly difficult to navigate smoothly. For many doctors and practitioners, it isn’t easy to maintain compliance and stay fully confident that you’re taking the best route financially as you organise your yearly taxes. A medical bookkeeping firm has an understanding of tax planning, compliance, and relation to the medical industry.

A bookkeeper can pinpoint your precise tax requirements, considering all incomes, taxable accounts, deductibles, and the structure of your business. By handing everything over to a third party, you can rest assured that your tax returns will be properly filed and your tax bill ethically minimised.

2. Access to Resources and Tools

As a doctor, it isn’t your job to understand the difficult financial ins and outs of the medical industry. A professional, of course, has invaluable experience across different practices. Handing over your practice’s finances to a professional means it’s in the safe hands of someone who knows what they’re doing.

A third-party bookkeeping service doesn’t just entail a bookkeeper – it entails all the resources, connections, tools, and essential financial knowledge that comes with this kind of experience. Why do it alone, when you could recruit the help of someone entirely dedicated to financial planning and management? Don’t waste your precious time piling even more on to your plate, and hand it over to the experts.

3. Detailed Records

It is absolutely essential that any medical clinic or practice maintain full records of every transaction, account, or financial decision. With the intricacies of taxes and strict compliances for the industry, nothing can slip through the cracks. When you’re managing your finances yourself – on top of an already busy job – things can slip through the cracks.

Working with a bookkeeping service ensures that you have somebody on your side whose time is dedicated to handling the nitty-gritty of forms, financial planning, and details, giving you a comprehensive record of every action your business makes. This sets you up for a long future with your medical practice!

4. Workforce Management

When it comes to running any successful and profitable business, keeping your staff well cared for is a crucial step – especially for a medical practice. Getting your finances in top shape ensures that you’re protecting your business and subsequently protecting your stuff, keeping payroll running like clockwork and ensuring that your ratio of income and staff expense is well balanced.

Running an efficient and thorough payroll system is complicated, as well as time-consuming. Having a dedicated bookkeeper ensures that payroll is processed on time, with full confidentiality, and fully in line with all regulations. A good bookkeeping service will include super contributions, guarantee full security of information, and will streamline the entire process.

5. Budgeting and Financial Projections

A successful medical business relies on two key factors: effective budgeting and accurate forecasting. Working with a bookkeeping service ensures that you have an expert around holding you accountable. They provide advice taken straight from invaluable industry experience, going through your budget and spending habits to find where your business can be making better choices.

Beyond that, you want to be confident that your clinic or practice has a long future. A bookkeeper doesn’t just achieve this by ensuring you make wise choices now, but their expertise also allows them to help you make accurate financial projections as to what your practice may look like in the long run.

Call Curve Accountants for a Booking

Running a practice in the medical field is hard enough to navigate without the added pressure of handling taxes, budgets, and the compliance laws that every doctor must abide by. With so many finer details to trip you up, no doctor and practitioner deserves the added stress of handling their finances alone.

If you find yourself interested in hiring a medical bookkeeper, Curve Accountants may very well be the best option for you. Our team has years of experience working in the medical field, and can ease the burden for you by handling your finances for you.

If you’re looking for an expert opinion, reach out to Curve Accountants today.

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