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A fulfilled and happy life is what you ultimatley work for, but for many, daily responsibilities simply get in the way. Your current strategy may consist of pieces of short-term financial decisions and aims without extending to what you actually want your future to look like – or how to go about creating long-term security.


Being financially prosperous isn’t only about money. True financial advice aligns your financial choices with your core goals and values.
great financial adviser sees both the present and the future and can put in place a plan that grows with you and gives you the secirity to achieve those long-term goals while holding you accountable each step of the way. At Curve Accountants we work with clients throughout North Geelong to deliver confidence, direction and clarity ultimately leading to greater peace of mind.

We strongly believe by helping you write down your life goals and your ideas on wellbeing, you will have a much greater chance of achieving them. This gets right to the heart of what is most important to you. Only then can we align your goals to create a clear financial path and give you the steps to make it happen.

Having a financial plan really changes the way you make decisions moving forward. When you are faced with big decisions that have a financial implication, you have a clear view and confidence in your plan to support you in moving forward.

Financial Planning North Geelong

North Geelong

Financial Planners North Geelong

Our financial advisers at Curve Accountants are very proud to be members of the Profession of Independent Financial Adviser (PIFA) – The Gold Standard of Independence – which means we are authentically independent, practicing without incentive or conflicts.

Our role in your financial planning journey is to provide independent, unbiased and commission free advice covering your home, family, professional and wellbeing bucket list and exactly how to move forward to create your ideal life.

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